Monarch Beverage honors veterans with paid day off

INDIANAPOLIS – Monarch Beverage Company, Indiana’s largest distributor of beer and wine, and its affiliated logistics company, E.F. Transit, are honoring veteran employees by giving them the equivalent of a paid day off for Veterans Day. The initiative is part of an ongoing effort to support Hoosier veterans and help make the transition from the armed forces to civilian careers smooth.

“Veterans Day is a time for the nation to reflect on the heroism and sacrifice of our military personnel,” said Phil Terry, CEO at Monarch Beverage. “We want to provide our veterans with the opportunity to reflect on their service and remember those soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Veterans make up over 10% of the work force at Monarch Beverage – a number that Monarch intends to increase in the coming years. Last year, Monarch Beverage pledged to provide preferential hiring to military personnel citing work ethic, integrity and discipline as fundamental characteristics that veterans bring to their post-military careers.

“Hiring veterans has always been a natural, easy choice for us,” said Terry. “Our positions are not necessarily tailored for veterans, but the qualifications they bring to the table match those needed to perform our jobs. Giving preferential hiring is a win-win situation.”

Monarch Beverage and E.F. Transit are focused on recruiting past and present Hoosier military personnel and providing them with the best benefits possible.

For more information about Monarch Beverage or veteran benefits, please contact Amanda Fruland at 219-617-0490 or