Company Overview

We order, store, deliver and track over 60,000 cases of product to over 5,000 retail accounts each day. At the same time, we’re providing marketing and merchandising support to our clients, training our personnel, maintaining our facilities and much more. Monarch has six primary areas of operation that work closely together as an integrated team.

Off-Premise Sales


Off-Premise Sales

Monarch’s off-premise beer and wine representatives are highly trained to understand and fulfill the needs of liquor stores and grocery stores. In this highly competitive market category where shelf space is a premium, our off-premise representatives must assure that stores have adequate Monarch inventory on their shelves, as well as create prominent and attention grabbing displays for Monarch products. These in-store promotional displays include banners, posters and other tools that help to create retail demand for our products.

On-Premise Sales


On-Premise Sales

Monarch’s on-premise sales representatives work closely with bars and restaurants to enhance product knowledge and help increase sales at their establishments. In this ever-changing and often unpredictable market segment, Monarch’s on–premise representatives can be extremely important to success of these particular venues. Our representatives not only make sure that Monarch products are prominently featured and properly promoted, but also assist our customers with point of purchase displays, special event décor, drink specials and beer & wine product training.




Working behind the scenes are the people who provide the backbone to our organization – our administrative personnel. Because the beer and wine industry moves fast, it takes fast moving people to provide the internal and external support so vital in keeping everything running smoothly. This means answering the phones, processing the orders, tracking the deliveries, providing technical support, training personnel, administering employee benefits, issuing payroll and successfully performing all these tasks in the course of a given day.




Inside Monarch’s nearly half million square foot warehouse, you’ll find millions of cases of beer and wine from around the world. These cases are in various stages of transition from being unloaded from our suppliers and stacked in a temperature controlled environment to being stocked in our state-of-the-art Vertique picking system to being loaded onto waiting trucks for delivery to our customers. E.F. Transit employees working in the warehouse are knowledgeable in the flow, packing and shipping of beer and wine orders.




Monarch is one of the nation’s largest distributors of beer and wine. E.F. Transit, Monarch’s affiliated transportation and logistics company, transports an average of 60,000+ cases of product across 80 truck routes on a daily basis. That’s more than 500 tons delivered each and every day! Responding to this demand accurately and responsibly not only requires skill and operational efficiency, it requires drivers who understand how to service customers. That’s why E.F. Transit drivers are selected through a meticulous recruiting process and trained through an ongoing program that concentrates on safety, accuracy and customer service.

Daily Bulk Delivery


Daily Bulk Delivery

E.F. Transit, Monarch’s affiliated transportation and logistics company, manages a bulk delivery division. The bulk delivery division was formed to maximize efficiency and facilitate the safe, reliable transportation of our products. This division has become an important part of E.F. Transit due not only to its ability to ensure consistent transportation of product coming from our Miller and Coors suppliers, but also by providing help during busy times like key holidays and summer. This provides significant value for the customer and helps to advance the industry.

Vision Concepts



Vision Concepts

Building brand equity and increasing demand for our products is a major focus for Monarch Beverage Company. Vision Concepts enables us to accomplish these goals through customized marketing programs, promotional items and product sampling and promotions. Vision operates locally, regionally and nationally and can quickly and efficiently respond to customer needs with a wide variety of promotional campaigns.

World Class Beer


World Class Beer

World Class Beer (formerly known as World Class Beverages) is a sales division dedicated to the rapid growth of the craft beer segment. Within this specialty market consumers are extremely passionate about the craft beer movement, and about the foods and cultures that surround these products. World Class Beer exists to fuel this movement by educating Indiana consumers, enhancing their beer passion and connecting them with great craft beers from throughout the country and around the world.




Our Benefits

Full Medical Coverage

Peace of mind is important. We provide it. Monarch offers employees a full-range of affordable healthcare benefits that promote healthy living.

Dental & Vision Coverage

You have to see it, to believe it. Monarch Beverage provides dental and vision coverage to all employees that are under the company medical insurance plan.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Prescriptions can be expensive. At Monarch, all preventative prescriptions are free to employees and their families at the on-site healthcare clinic.

On-Site Fitness Facility

Physical wellness takes time. Don’t spend it traveling to the gym. The on-site fitness facility, open 24/7 and free to employees, includes a variety of top-notch fitness equipment and locker rooms stocked with toiletries and towel service.

On-Site Medical Clinic

We provide free care. The Activate Healthcare clinic, Monarch Beverage’s on-site clinic provider, is available free of charge to all employees and their immediate family. A full-time physician, nurse practitioner and nurse provide disease management and primary and preventative care services.

Health Coach and Trainer

Good health makes a difference. Monarch Beverage has a full-time health coach and trainer available to help all employees reach their wellness goals. Lunch and learns, cooking classes, and fitness sessions are held regularly.

Paid Time Off

Work hard, play hard. Monarch Beverage provides a flexible paid time off program for full-time and part-time employees. Accrued, unused, paid time off hours roll over each year and can be eventually be cashed in for additional pay

Tuition Reimbursement

Grow professionally. We can help. All employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement of up to $4,000 annually after 12 months of employment. Tuition reimbursement may be applied to any class or formal course leading to a degree or certificate.

401k Matching

Your future is important to us. Monarch Beverage provides a competitive 401k contribution matching program for all employees after three months of employment.




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