Monarch Charitable Foundation

At Monarch, we do not believe that making money is the sole measure of success.  Our philosophy is that a worthwhile business must have a socially useful purpose, and that it must give back to the communities it serves.  For this reason, we devote a great deal of energy to being a good corporate citizen and turning our beliefs into positive action in the community.  One way this is accomplished is through our employee-run charitable foundation.
The Monarch Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)3 entity that was created as a way for employees to make voluntary contributions from their paychecks to important charitable causes and enhance the lives of fellow Hoosiers. Only members of the foundations may submit charitable donation requests that are reviewed and approved by 9 board members that meet monthly.

MCF Donations

2011: $49,321
2012: $82,296
2013: $35,865
2014: $134,946
2015: $80,657
Total: $383,085



Mission Statement


“The Monarch Charitable Foundation is committed to strengthening local communities and supporting charitable causes by leading and inspiring others to make a difference.”