At Monarch, we care about keeping our communities healthy, educated, clean and safe. We let our Hoosier values guide us and take great pride in the number of organizations and residents that we support. In six years, we contributed over $3,500,000 in monetary and in-kind donations to nonprofits who meet the criteria to Leave a Mark and positively impact our state.

We have a long history of giving and would be happy to consider your request.




In addition to corporate donations, Monarch Beverage sponsors an employee managed 501(c)3 charitable organization. The Monarch Charitable Foundation allows employees to make voluntary contributions from their paychecks to important charitable causes that enhance the lives of fellow Hoosiers. Each year, employees collectively donate over $35,000 and 250 hours of their time.

MCF Employee Donations

2011: $49,321
2012: $82,296
2013: $35,865
2014: $134,946
2015: $80,657
2016: $47,904
2016: $78,430
2017: $78,130
2018: $52,823

Over $550,000 total donated by employees!

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