Community Involvement

At Monarch Beverage, we do not believe that making money is the sole measure of success.  Our philosophy is that a worthwhile business must have a socially useful purpose, and that it must give back to the communities it serves.  For this reason, we devote a great deal of energy to being a good corporate citizen and turning our beliefs into positive action in the community.

Corporate & Employee Donations

Monarch supports multiple charitable causes through monetary and in-kind donations. Hoosier organization supported include: American Lung Association, March of Dimes, American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Leukemia and Lymphoma Association, American Heart Association, The Salvation Army, Gleaner’s Food Bank, Indiana Blood Center, The Salvation Army and hundreds more.

To provide a vehicle for not only employee charitable donations, but also employee control of those donations, Monarch created the Monarch Charitable Foundation (MCF).  The Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity, receives voluntary payroll deducted donations from Monarch employees.  A board of directors selected by the donors determines the beneficiaries of the employees’ largess.  All overhead costs of the MCF are paid for by Monarch Beverage.


Monarch Beverage also sponsors a Political Action Committee (“PAC”).  Employees may make non-tax deductible donations to that PAC.  The board of the PAC then distributes the contributions to selected candidates.


Each year, Monarch Beverage employees give selflessly of their time and energy to a number of worthy Indiana organizations. At Monarch Beverage, we know that when Hoosiers work together to make our state better place, we all benefit. The Wellness Council of Indiana, 500 Festival, Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, American Lung Association, March of Dimes, Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Pioneering Healthy Communities, Top 10 by 2025, The Salvation Army, Henryville Tornado with American Red Cross, InShape Indiana and Friends of the White River are organizations we have dedicated ourselves to in the past. Each year volunteer efforts shift based on community organization needs.