Earn 500 Virgin Pulse points in one day!

Earn 500 Virgin Pulse points in one day!

Monarch Matters is a blog dedicated to keeping employees up-to-date on company-wide events and happenings. Each Monday morning, you will receive a text and email notification when the information is live.

In this edition:

SALES – Last week, we welcomed Easley Winery to the Monarch family! Dave Alm has taken on a new role as the supplier brand manager. Please see him with questions.

SALES – Its that time again to Adopt-A-Store for the 4th of July! See Kevin Miller to sign up.

WELLNESS – Get a head start on Q3! Adopt-A-Store and receive 500 Virgin Pulse points! See Kevin Miller to sign-up!

HR – Watch this Budgeting 101 video for tips to help you and your family save! https://www.screencast.com/t/MJ1is5O8

WELLNESS – Fitness reimbursement is due Friday!

Do you have an update to share with the company? Email it to Amanda Fruland by 9AM on Monday.