#FeaturedFermentation: Wild Ginger

#FeaturedFermentation: Wild Ginger

Released in July by Wild Ginger Brewing Company, Wild Ginger is America’s first alcoholic ginger beer.

Founder Jamey Grosser said, “Alcoholic ginger beer has been around as long as the art of brewing. It was only during Prohibition that it turned to soda.” He had never seen any that were infused with alcohol, so he made one!

The first sip is an initial hint of sweetness that is followed by a sensation that kicks your mouth with a spicy finish.

If you are a Moscow Mule fan, you will love this new ginger beer! Wild Ginger Alcoholic Ginger Beer is also perfect on the rocks with lemon or lime and even sipped right out of the can!

ABV: 4.0%