Flat 12 celebrates five years with new look

Flat 12 celebrates five years with new look


Flat12 Bierwerks is a production craft brewery located in the fast-growing Holy Cross neighborhood— just east of downtown. The brewery features a variety of rotating seasonal and innovative specialty beers, as well as the flagship line-up of Upside Down Blonde, Pogue’s Run Porter, Walkabout Pale Ale and Half Cycle IPA. Since it’s founding in 2010, Flat12 was known for it’s quirky cartoon caricatures and tag lines, but over the past five years Flat12 has matured and evolved. To celebrate our upcoming 5 year anniversary, we’ve updated our look to better communicate our identity, core values and culture through a redesign of our packaging, website and logo.

Over the last several months Sean O’Connor, president and founder of Flat12, and his team have been working with Jeff Brown of Vision Concepts on their new image. The new design is sleek, catching, and consistent— and it reflects their product. “Our new branding is more representative of us as company. It continues the legacy of our namesake —a classic game-changing engine— as we take it back to a more refined design and move towards a more revved up beer,” says Directory of Brewery Operations, Sean Manahan. With the new artwork, they’ve created visual identities that are both retro and modern, embracing their heritage, community involvement and Indianapolis roots, while changing the game up with a fresh new look. “The continuity of the new packaging represents Flat12 and who we are as a brewery, but each beer also has an individual message that ties back into our core values. For example, Pogue’s Run is the brewery’s backyard creek, so we wanted the new Pogue’s Run Porter design to incorporate water to reflect our commitment to cleaning up Indianapolis waterways. Whether it’s buying from local hop farmers, hosting fundraisers, or helping educate the public on organizations that share our values, we are an active participant in supporting our community, and that’s a big part of who we are as a company,” says Marketing Director, Valerie Green.

Flat12’s success wasn’t hinged on creating one great flagship beer, they strike a good balance between having four consistent flagship beers to choose from, while still having several new and innovative beers constantly added to the lineup. Director of Brewing Operations, Sean Manahan, brews for the pursuit of creative expression in a pint. “There’s not a lot of allegiance to traditional styles, we brew what we like. There’s a lot of innovation, youth and passion in the brewery,” says Manahan. Producing high-quality craft beer is Manahan’s top priority. “There are definitely challenges in running a fast-growing company, but we now have the perfect Flat12 team, and we’re making great, consistent beer from the top down. The sleek new can designs reflect the quality of the beer they contain,” says O’Connor.

Flat12 is currently distributing across Indiana, Louisville, the Greater Cincinnati area, and recently opened a second location on the Ohio River in Jeffersonville, Indiana, just across from downtown Louisville. As they continue to expand, they wanted to approach new markets with a clearer message that reflects them as a company and their product.