Miller Lite’s Social Goes Dark

Miller Lite’s Social Goes Dark

There is a whole lot to share about Miller Lite’s new campaign targeting a whole new generation of drinkers! Did you know that young drinkers will average upwards of 5.5 years on social media throughout their lives? This campaign is meant to inspire consumers to put down their phones and engage with friends in real life over a beer. Think of it as the original Miller Time!

Miller Lite will show fans they are serious about the in-person connections by going dark on their social media pages for two weeks. In addition, they will offer fans that unfollow them on social media during this time a free beer!

Help us take this from a campaign to a movement. Show your support for being social over being ON social.

If you haven’t checked out the campaign’s new commercial, “Followers”, enjoy it here.


A few real friends are better than a thousand followers