Monarch Beverage turns to technology to fill IMS beer demand

Monarch Beverage turns to technology to fill IMS beer demand

INDIANAPOLIS -The historic 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 not only means sold out crowds and fast cars, it also means a lot of beer!

We went to a local beer distributor who’s using state-of-the-art technology to fill a record number of beer orders.

Monarch Beverage uses a machine called Vertique to help it pick, sort and pack beer and beverages in a fraction of the time it would take humans to do it alone. This is particularly helpful now as Monarch supplies one of its top customers, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

With this year’s sellout crowds, the track is requesting thousands more units than in past years for a huge demand.

“We’re very busy this week, we’re sending well over 100 trucks a day currently, which is about 20 over normal, and many more trucks to the track this week with the record expected crowds,” said Monarch Senior Vice President Fred Dufour.

He says the sophisticated technology is helping them keep up with the dramatically increased demand without missing a beat.

“Picks about 5,000 cases an hour and can go up to as quick as 8,000 an hour,” Dufour said. “Saves a lot of man hours and makes it a little easier on our employees. They don’t have to move every case by hand. They have to replenish the equipment and the equipment does a lot of the work.”