Monarch Beverage using CNG as fuel source in Evansville

Monarch Beverage using CNG as fuel source in Evansville

SOURCE: Evansville Courier Press

“Monarch Beverage Company has adopted the use of eight compressed natural gas tractors in Evansville and the surrounding areas.

Monarch, Indiana’s largest distributor of beer and wine, said the initiative is part of an “ongoing effort to adopt economically and environmentally sustainable practices.”

The transition to compressed natural gas began in October of 2013 with one tractor. The eight CNG tractors travel around 465,000 miles per year delivering beer and wine to 500 retail locations. The tractors reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by approximately 15 percent, or 266,561 pounds, annually and displace 75,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

“Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels in use today and produces the fewest emissions of all vehicle fuel types,” Fred Dufour, Senior Vice President of Operations at Monarch Beverage, said in a news release. “CNG is also nontoxic, which means the new tractors won’t harm Indiana’s vast farming lands.”

Added benefits of phasing in CNG tractors to the fleet include cost advantages and reducing dependence on foreign energy suppliers.

“Natural gas is more economical than gasoline or diesel fuel — averaging about third less than gasoline at the pump,” said Dufour. “Additionally, over 90 percent of CNG comes from North America — reducing our dependency on foreign oil.”

Monarch Beverage operates 79 CNG tractors throughout the state of Indiana. Vectren is the local provider of compressed natural gas for the Monarch Beverage Evansville fleet. Additional project partners include Cummins Westport and Kenworth.”