Our Impact

Monarch Beverage is a state-licensed beer wholesaler.  As such, Monarch performs the function of the second tier of the state and federally mandated three-tier system of alcohol distribution by which alcoholic beverages reach consumers only after passing through a distribution chain which starts with the manufacturer or importer, then goes to a state-based distributor, and then to a local retailer.

In performing its role in the three-tier system, Monarch benefits consumers by providing to large and small retailers a huge variety of types, brands and packages of beer.  By its efforts, thousands of beer brands sourced from the remote regions of the earth, from other states and from Indiana are made available to Indiana consumers.  Without Monarch’s state-wide distribution system, many small suppliers would find it difficult to get their products to Indiana-based retailers and consumers would find their choice of products much more limited.

Monarch also benefits the public by assuring the transparency and accountability of the three-tier system of alcohol distribution.  Products sold through Monarch are traceable.  Suppliers and regulators may effect recalls or examinations promptly and with the ability to locate all products.  Also, because retailers may only acquire alcoholic products through a state-licensed wholesaler, Monarch polices for the state retailers’ compliance with state alcoholic beverage laws and their payment of state and local taxes.

Besides the valuable role Monarch plays in the regulation of alcohol, Monarch also provides significant economic benefits to Indiana.  Monarch provides Indiana citizens with 600 full time, full benefit jobs providing tens of millions of dollars in payroll and benefits to its employees and their families.  Monarch also pays significant amounts to state and local governments in the form of income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and fuel taxes; and over Five Million Dollars annually to the state for the privilege of wholesaling beer in the form of alcohol excise taxes.

Finally, Monarch supports the communities it services.  Monarch annually donates to scores of charities located throughout Indiana.