Monarch Beverage Company was founded in 1947 by Edwin T. French Sr. During the three generations of French family ownership, Monarch has continuously grown and expanded – now Indiana’s largest distributor of beer and wine. Operating out of a state-of-the-art 500,000-sq-ft distribution center in Lawrence, the company currently represents more than 500 great brands and delivers an average of 60,000 cases of product a day to retail customers throughout the state. Over the past six decades, Monarch has distinguished itself as an industry leader through its efficient operations and customer service and a community leader through its sustainability and service initiatives.


A snapshot of our history


Edwin T. French Sr. founds Monarch Beverage Company with one beer, Carlin Black Label, and six employees
Wine distribution started with E & J Gallo brands.
Began relationship with Miller Brewing
Due to cold storage requirements, Indiana was the last state to sell Coors brands.
EF Transit Inc. forms and assumes control of logistics, transportation and warehouse operations.
The acquisition of 22 smaller distributors, since 1975, increases the Monarch footprint.
Monarch moves to its current home – a state-of-the-art, 500,000-sq-ft. facility on the east side of Indianapolis.
Conversion of the E.F. Transit fleet from diesel to compressed natural gas begins.


Our Mission and Principles


Monarch Beverage’s reason for being is to efficiently provide an ever-escalating standard of service to its customers and to responsibly enhance demand for its products.



  1. We live the Mission.
  2. We honor our commitments.
  3. We listen and communicate without bias or prejudice for the purpose of understanding.
  4. We are honest with each other.
  5. We approach our jobs with enthusiasm.
  6. We are pro-active and open-minded to new ideas.
  7. We continually improve quality.
  8. We respect diversity of thought, opinion, and background and we value individual self-worth.
  9. We provide for personal and professional growth.
  10. We foster reliance on each other.
  11. We are involved in community and are socially responsible.
  12. We hold ourselves and others accountable for the performance of our jobs.
  13. We honor integrity and professionalism.
  14. We conduct ourselves with humility.
  15. We recognize contributions to our mission.



Tour Our Facility


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Vision Concepts, World Class Beer and E.F. Transit are Monarch Beverage affiliated companies.