We believe having greener, cleaner Hoosier communities matter. That’s why we are converting 90% of our fleet to CNG and have built an on-site compressed natural gas fueling station. The compressed natural gas project is part of an ongoing effort to incorporate environmentally sustainable operations into company practices.

Did You Know?

  • Natural gas is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels.
  • 97% of U.S. natural gas is domestically produced.
  • Natural gas has 60-90% less pollutants than regular gasoline.
  • Natural gas powers more than 120,000 vehicles in the United States.

You can help.

  • Drive a fuel efficient car
  • Drive Smart – avoid hard accelerations and breaking
  • Get regular oil changes and tune-ups
  • Maintain proper tire pressure
  • Bike, walk and carpool

Monarch Beverage delivers an average of 50,000 cases of product a day to retail customers throughout the state of Indiana. We travel over six million miles a year, the equivalent of 241 trips around the globe. The conversion will reduce our diesel consumption by close to 1 million gallons annually – reducing fuel prices approximately 60% and our greenhouse emissions by an estimated 22%.”


Recycling is a priority at Monarch Beverage. We are continually exploring ways to conserve water usage, reuse company and consumer packaging, reduce company waste, and lower energy consumption. In an effort to become a more environmentally-friendly and less wasteful company, we  transport all unsalable and out of date beer from the Monarch Beverage facility to Parallel Products. Parallel Products maximizes all resources available from the waste products. By converting both sugar-based and alcohol-based liquids into ethyl alcohol or “ethanol” they reclaim in excess of 95% of the total beverage product. All the bottles and cans are then recycled.



Did You Know?

  • Aluminum and glass can be recycled forever. They never wear out.
  • The cost to recycle a can or bottle is less than manufacturing a new one.

  Eco-Friendly Building





The Monarch Beverage facility was created with the environment in mind. Among a variety of design elements targeting sustainability and energy conservation, Monarch’s new facility incorporates daylight views in over 70% of the office space as well as providing natural lighting through windows in the warehouse.  In addition, Monarch incorporated florescent lighting in the warehouse, added motion sensors to the lighting, installed a white reflective thermoplastic polyolefin roof, and an HVAC system that exceeds all of the ASHRAE requirements.  All designed to meet the newest ENERGY STAR ratings and to help insure that Monarch Beverage will continue to operate our facility in an efficient and responsible manner for years to come.