Valentine’s Day beer and wine picks

Valentine’s Day beer and wine picks

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Did you forget? Hope not.

Whether you’ve been planning the perfect evening for your special someone or you’ve decided to throw together a dinner last-minute, wine and beer are a great addition to any Valentine’s Day celebration.

Our beer and wine experts put together this list of beer/wine suggestions for your Valentine.

  1. Lindemans Framboise – A raspberry lambic with fruit aromas, a dark beautiful color  and a sweet taste. This is perfect to pour over ice cream for an adult Valentine’s Day dessert!
  2.  Sam Smith Organic Chocolate Stout – Brewed with well water, the gently roasted chocolate malt and organic cocoa impart a delicious, smooth and creamy character, with inviting deep flavors and a delightful finish.
  3. Barefoot Rich Red Blend – Full-bodied red wine with tasty characteristics. Jammy and rich with lots of black fruit. Sweet vanilla aromas and spice complement the smooth, lingering finish.
  4. Louis M. Martini Cabernet – Full-bodied red wine with intense fruit finish. Great to pair with red meats like steak!
  5. Miller Lite – We all love the tried and true Miller Lite. If your special someone loves a refreshing brew, this is the go to!
  6. La Marca Prosecco – Time to celebrate! This Italian prosecco has aromas of citrus, honey and white flowers. The perfect amount of bubbles and sweetness for your honey. Pairs great with fruit dishes and whipped cream!

Pros tip: Mix together the Lindemans Framboise and Sam Smith Organic Chocolate Stout with 25% Lindemans and 75% Sam Smith for a raspberry chocolate brew!